Additional Programs in Rancho Sahuarita

Rancho Sahuarita offers its residents over 200 special events per year, over 35 free classes per week, and tons of other programs and opportunities to have fun and spend time together.

But did you know that Rancho Sahuarita also has other Additional Programs that are available to residents? By working with partner organizations and outside instructors, residents can take part in Dance Classes, Taekwon-Do, Tennis Lessons and more. It’s all a part of helping to ensure that residents can Create a Better Life.

Many of these Additional Programs are fee-based and are available by contacting the individual instructor noted in the current version of the Village Talk Program Guide or on the “Additional Programs” page of For more questions about any of these programs, residents can also contact the Clubhouse directly at 520-207-7730.

Some of the programs offered include:

Sahuarita Dance and DancInc.

Both dance class programs have instructors who offer various types of dance instruction, for various ages. Through music and movement, children can take part in these fun programs that also have the added benefit of being good for fitness.

Rancho Sahuarita Homeschool Club and Homeschool Club P.E.

Many families in the community choose to homeschool their children. Rancho Sahuarita provides a venue to connect those families, so they can interact, learn, and share similar experiences. It’s a great way for not just the children, but for the parents to make friends and connections with other like-minded parents.

Lego Club

The Lego Club is for children 6 to 12 years of age and offers kids the chance to be challenged and to be creative as they build their own Lego constructions. Research shows that block play (like with Legos,) helps with fine motor skills, and fosters children’s creativity, teamwork and problem solving. Legos used for the club are supplied, (so no need to bring your own!) and no registration or fees are required. Parents interested in learning more can call Kids Time at (520) 207-7008.

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