Associa Tip of the Month – August 2016

With the monsoon rains upon us, all that water makes plants grow at higher rates. It is important to make sure your plants are maintained and trimmed, to prevent encroachment and protect yourself and your neighbors. With that in mind, remember:

*No tree, shrub or plant of any kind on any lot or parcel may overhang, or otherwise encroach upon, any public sidewalk or other public pedestrian way or bikeway from ground level to a height of eight (8) feet.

Here are some other fun facts about local trees:

*Mesquite trees can grow as much as 6 inches in a 24 hour time period

* Some Mesquite varieties have thorns that can be as long as 3 inches in length

* Seed of the mesquite tree retains the ability to germinate after dormancy of 40 years!

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