Bob Webster Takes Seat as New RSVP Board Member

Bob Webster is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Rancho Sahuarita. As the newest Resident Board Member of the Rancho Sahuarita Board of Directors, Bob is eager to get involved and contribute to his community. “I don’t want to just be here. I’m a guy that wants to be involved,” he says.

When Bob moved to Rancho Sahuarita in 2002, he was one of the community’s first residents and has seen the full growth and development of the last twelve years.

Prior to moving to Rancho Sahuarita, Bob (a 50-year Tucsonan) lived in Oro Valley with his lovely wife, Melody. He has two sons and five grandchildren. After visiting his father in Green Valley and hearing his brother suggest a new development called Rancho Sahuarita, Bob decided to visit the community. It was then that he first learned about the vision of Rancho Sahuarita, and all that it was designed to eventually be. Captivated by the promise of the future of Sahuarita, and excited about the possibility of a shorter commute to work in downtown Tucson, he made the move from Oro Valley.

Bob speaks fondly of the growth in Rancho Sahuarita, saying, “The things that came with that growth were exciting.” The development of Rancho Sahuarita Boulevard and the opening of Fry’s in the Rancho Sahuarita Marketplace were particularly exciting. When the Fry’s opened, “We’d arrived,” he says.

As a Resident Board Member, Bob’s top priority is enhancing the quality of life for Rancho Sahuarita residents, an area he has great professional experience in. While serving in the Army Reserves, Bob worked with the Tucson Police Department as a detective sergeant. During his time with TPD, he served as a community resource sergeant, meeting with neighborhood groups and working collaboratively with neighborhoods and elected officials to ensure a continued and consistent quality of life.  Bob retired in 2008 but took with him a wealth of information. “I have a PhD in quality of life,” he says.

While Bob has been retired for some time, he continues to stay nothing short of active. His “retiree lifestyle” consists of attending many different events and functions in the community, and serving as a member of the Pima Council on Aging. He is also a member of the Rancho Sahuarita Village Program Compliance Committee, where his depth of experience with neighborhood improvements and quality of life promotion is extremely helpful.

Promoting and enhancing the quality of life available to his fellow residents of Rancho Sahuarita is Bob’s top priority. When asked what he is most excited to contribute in his position as Resident Board Member, Bob says, “I have the background to make a difference. I have a lot of specialties, and I can help with ideas.” He continued: “I like living here, and I want to stay here. We must always move forward.”

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