Fall in Love with Life at Rancho Sahuarita

New Year’s Resolutions are often about what we shouldn’t do, but shouldn’t we be focusing on what we should do? Our resolutions for the New Year should be about doing more for ourselves and others, trying new things, having fun and falling in love with life again.

It’s easy to accomplish all of these things living in Rancho Sahuarita when there is so much to see and do!

Do something for yourself

Try taking a Pilates, yoga, or meditation class at Club Rancho Sahuarita or enjoy some time relaxing by the pool with a good book. Taking time out of your busy schedule for yourself will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and revived.


4-year resident Stephanie T. “I love swimming laps in the Clubhouse pool while my daughters take dance class.”






Do something for others

Donating back to the community can be very rewarding. Give the gift of life by donating at the American Red Cross Blood Drive (February 10th) or volunteer to read a story at one of the local schools during Love of Reading Week, (which is celebrated during various weeks in the month of February). Another great way to give back, and get the whole family involved, is to make Valentine’s Day cards for a nearby assisted living home.

Try something new

Take a risk and try something new that you never thought you would try. You might surprise yourself and really enjoy it! Kayaking or paddle boarding in the Sahuarita lake, taking a biking spin class, or learning to play tennis are all great options right here, in your own backyard.


New resident Sean L. “I love coming to the lake after my classes to fly fish and my family loves living here.”








Have some fun

It’s important to take time out for some fun and a great stress reliever. Take a break from work and home projects and attend one of our exciting, fun-filled events like Bingo Madness (Feb.13th and 27th), the Father Daughter Dance (Feb. 10th) or bring the whole family out to the annual Rodeo Round Up (Feb. 24th).

Fall in love with life again

Exercise daily, get outdoors and breathe in fresh air.  Take a family bike ride on the trails, picnic with friends and family at one of our community parks or take a moonlit stroll around the lake. The possibilities for falling in love with life again in Rancho Sahuarita are endless.


3-year resident Susan R. “I love bringing my family and friends to walk the lake at Rancho Sahuarita. It’s so clean and beautiful.”




Focusing more on what we should be doing and less on what we shouldn’t be doing is the new and improved way to make resolutions. Doing more for ourselves and others, trying new things, having fun and falling in love with life again are easy to accomplish living in Rancho Sahuarita.


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