Festive Fall for All

October is here and that means the colors are changing, the temperatures are dropping and hints of pumpkin spice and cinnamon are in the air. But in Arizona where the heat can still hang on for a bit yet, sometimes it can feel hard to get into the season of fall.

Here are some ideas for things you can do to help get yourself feeling festive.


Unarguably one of the best parts of fall is the food. The season of warmth and comfort food is just getting started, and that means soups, stews and tried-and-true family staples are quickly on the way. Here is a link from Delish of delicious fall recipes you can try – or choose to cook up something unique. One of the most satisfying things about cooking is that it often doesn’t need to be exact (where as baking is more of a science). Stick to fall vegetables like squash, pumpkin and parsnips, and punch it up with spices like nutmeg, allspice and cardamom. The veggies are in season, and spices don’t go out of style.


Crafting is always fun, and something families can do together. Holiday crafts leave lots of room for creativity, and serve double-duty as a fun activity and a possible new home decor piece.

DIY crafts like these are fun, and surprisingly easy. Projects like a festive pumpkin lantern make a cool centerpiece for the interior of your home, or by hiding a candle inside, a fun and eye-catching staple for your front porch. Add some spray paint and decals to make it even more unique.

The holiday season is also the season for Pinterest inspiration, where you can find TONS of fun activities and projects sure to help you achieve a #pinterestwin.

Give Thanks and Give Back

The fall season also ushers in the season of Thanksgiving, and as part of that it is important to give back. Remember to do what you can to help out those in need by giving donations to benefit the Sahuarita Food Bank. You can also donate needed items – including your time – to many deserving organizations, both locally and in the broader Southern Arizona region. While practicing an attitude of gratitude and helping others is always important throughout the year, making it a priority and starting a good habit of it now will help get you into the season and perhaps start a new annual tradition.




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