Guest Pass Policy Back in Effect at Club Rancho Sahuarita Beginning 6/19!

The Rancho Sahuarita guest pass policy will be back in effect starting Saturday, June 19th.
Residents can now bring their guests to enjoy our community once again. Please remember to abide by our policy when you have guests. For those who are not familiar, the guest policy is as follows:
  • Guests need to be signed in daily by a resident that is 18 years of age or older at Club Rancho Sahuarita.
  • A guest pass must be purchased for each guest 4 years of age and older. Guest pass fess are below:
Individual Passes (Passes do not expire):
0-3 years: Free
4-12 years: $5.00 per pass
13 years and up: $10.00 per pass
Bundles (All passes must be used within 6 months of the purchase date):
(10) Child Guest Passes- $25.00
(20) Child Guest Passes- $37.50
(10) Adult Guest Passes- $50.00
(20) Adults Guest Passes- $75.00
  • A liability waiver must be filled out by the guest, with minors listed on the bottom. The waiver for a minor child must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Residents have a 5 guest maximum per day per household.
  • Every individual is counted, including infants.
  • All guest(s), once signed in, will be issued a guest wristband.
  • For residents wanting to take guests to the Parque Del Rio or Parque Del Presidio pools, residents will first visit Club Rancho Sahuarita to sign in with their guests and obtain wristbands. Then they may proceed to the satellite facilities.
  • When redeemed, guests will have access to all amenities (excluding Kids Time) for that day only. To return on another day, the guest(s) will need to use another guest pass and be signed in again by the resident.
  • Residents should make sure their guests are following all guidelines for the use of amenities including any and all protocols regarding face masks and social distancing for non-vaccinated persons.
Please contact Club Rancho Sahuarita at 520-207-7730 with any questions. Thank you!
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