May Rancho Sahuarita Fitness Challenge: Planks (WEEK 1)

Want to join fellow residents and take part in our May Fitness Challenge? This is an easy and fun fitness challenge that requires minimal to no equipment. Plus, you can do it anywhere!

Try each of these plank moves for between 30 – 60 seconds, and between 3-5 times each. Check out the challenge for WEEK ONE of May below –> then stay turned for WEEK 2 to come!

Connect with your friends and fellow fitness fanatics and share your progress on social media using the hashtag #RanchoSahuaritaBankThosePlanks

Then at the end of May on the last day of the month, test how much you have improved and hold a plank as long as you can!

Friday, May 1st | Forearm Plank






Saturday, May 2nd | Forearm Side Plank (Both sides) 

*For modification, place your bottom knee on the ground








Sunday, May 3rd | Extended Arm Plank







Monday, May 4th | Extended Arm Side Plank (Both Sides) 

*For modifications, place bottom knee down








Tuesday, May 5th | Plank with Alternating Heel Raises






Wednesday, May 6th | Plank with Alternating Side Shoulder Taps







Thursday, May 7th | Plank with Alternating Side Step Outs

A                                                      B












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