May Rancho Sahuarita Fitness Challenge: PLANKS (Week 2!)

Residents : Are you ready for the next week of the PLANK challenge? Check out the moves for WEEK 2!

Remember to always stretch prior to working out, and drink plenty of water. Try each of these plank moves for between 30 – 60 seconds, and between 3-5 times each. Check back for WEEK 3 on its way soon!

Friday, May 8th
Side Plank with Hip Dips (Both Sides)

A                                                                            B









Saturday, May 9th
Plank with Alternating Arm Reaches






Sunday, May 10th
Plank with Alternating Knee Taps





Monday, May 11th
Plank Up-Downs


A                                                       B











C                                                             D






















Tuesday, May 12th
Forearm plank with alternating hip dips
Rotate hips from side to side







Wednesday, May 13th
Plank Jacks
Hop feet apart and back together


A                                                          B











Thursday, May 14th
Plank with cross body alternating knees
Cross knee over to opposite elbow













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