May Rancho Sahuarita Fitness Challenge: Planks (WEEK 3)

Residents: Have you been kicking your fitness into high gear with our May Plank Challenge? Here are the moves for WEEK 3!

Remember to always stretch prior to working out, and drink plenty of water. Try each of these plank moves for between 30 – 60 seconds, and between 3-5 times each. Check back for WEEK 4 on its way soon – you’re almost there!

Friday, May 15th
Side plank with leg raise (Both sides) *Modification: Place bottom knee down

A                                                                            B









Saturday, May 16th
Thread the needle (both sides)

A                                                                            B









C – Return to position A


Sunday, May 17th
Reverse Plank

Press hips up







Monday, May 18th
Wide arm plank










Tuesday, May 19th
Plank walk

Get in extended arm plank position and walk both hand and feet to one side and back the other direction.

A                                                              B























Wednesday, May 20th
Extended Plank Bird Dogs

Alternate sides with the opposite arm and leg extending at the same time












Thursday, May 21st
Plank opposite knee to elbow

A                                                                             B

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