Start the New School Year Off Right!

The month of August is here, and that means that the new school year is right around the corner for residents of Rancho Sahuarita. The new school year can be really exciting for children, but it can also be a little overwhelming and a sometimes bring on a case of the back to school blues. Use tips like these to help you and your kids get excited and help them start off the new year set up for success!

Some fun ideas include:

  1. Make preparing for the new school year a fun activity with your children. Make school supply shopping fun, or start a new weekly calendar as a fun craft project. Let them be a part of labeling or decorating their new folders, notebooks and backpacks.
  1. Spend time researching new fun and healthy snack ideas for the new year. The focus on health and wellness as a nation makes lots of ideas and options easy to find, and you can even find ideas for kid-friendly options that they can do themselves or play a big part in.
  1. Make your kids a part of the process. Ask your children what types of activities or habits they would like to start for the new school year. Maybe their friends or other families have everyday tidbits and tricks that help make the day go round. Or look into the extracurricular activities that are available in the community. Let your kids help come up with new ideas or at least let them be a part of the process. That way, they are even more likely to get engaged.
  1. Set a time aside each afternoon or evening for homework. Do it together, as a family, each night at the same time when possible. This helps establish a habit for your children, and a routine and rhythm that they can expect.
  1. Make it a priority to have dinner as a family at least a couple nights per week. Research shows that having dinner as a family helps lead to healthier, happier children and stronger family relationships. Taking the time to sit down and connect is crucial. Plus, it helps save money and can often be a healthier option.
  1. Start a new tradition. Turn family dinner into a reflection on the day and a look toward the following day. Make it a fun activity for each family member to come up with their favorite moments.
  1. Get organized. Ensure that everything “has a home”. Whether it’s backpacks, sports bags, lunchboxes or loose school supplies, having a dedicated place that these items go each night helps you stay organized and lets you focus on more important things – like hearing about your children’s new friends or favorite subjects!
  1. MAKE THE FIRST DAY ONE TO REMEMBER. Whether it’s ice cream after school, a special treat at lunch or a few fun balloons, make the first day of school one to remember with something a little extra special. A little fanfare will put some extra pep in their step, and makes for great photo ops on a day you will want to remember!

Making the new school year fun and something that your children will look forward to can be easier than it seems, and tips like these help make it possible.

We wish everyone a great start and a happy new school year!

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