Spotlight on Resident Board Member: Bob Webster

What brought you to Rancho Sahuarita?

I have lived in the Tucson and the surrounding area since 1962.  I retired from the Tucson Police Department, where I served for thirty nine years.  The last twenty years of my police career, I was a sergeant, serving in many different capacities.  A majority of my time was spent in positions that dealt with Community Policing.  I was assigned to both the Midtown and Downtown divisions as the Community Resource Sergeant, which involved working with the over five hundred neighborhood associations and the Tucson City Council Members.  This involved solving neighborhood problems, obtaining grants for neighborhoods and dealing with crime issues.  Bob Webster Spotlight Article Image_August2016

In 2002, my wife Melody and I were living in Oro Valley, where we had lived since 1974.  We were tired of all the traffic that we faced everyday driving to work, and we needed to find a bigger house.  Melody’s father had recently passed away, and her mother was going to move in with us. We had heard from a relative that he had seen this new community being developed south of Tucson with a lake. We took a drive down to the area, loved the lake, liked the community, found a house and moved in.  The rest is history; we’ve now lived here for fourteen years, are very happy with the way the community has grown, and look forward to a bright future.

What have you enjoyed most about being a Resident Board Member?

I started my community involvement as a member of the Compliance Committee.  After serving on that committee for a year, I was appointed to the resident board seat after the current board member resigned.  I then ran for a new two year term, and won the seat on the board.  What I like about serving on the board is that I have been able to have a direct impact on day to day activities.  I take the position very seriously.

I continue to serve on the Compliance committee and I meet with different staff members several times a month.  I have also participated in all You Talk, We Listen meetings since becoming a board member.  These meetings have given me the opportunity to meet and talk with many residents and relay their concerns to other members of the Executive Board.  The members of the board have been very open to my concerns and have approved many of my suggestions, which have come directly from current homeowners.

How do you feel maintaining the standards and quality of our neighborhoods impacts the community overall?

When most people choose to live in a planned community, I think their expectations are high.  Quality of homes, landscaping, amenities and safe neighborhoods are a huge part of why people move here.  With these high expectations, come rules and regulations.  These quality of life choices also come with a cost.  My goal on the board has been to monitor the community improvements, ensure money is not being wasted and make suggestions that don’t come with a cost.  With my law enforcement background and my subject matter expertise in safe neighborhoods, I constantly strive to educate the board and residents of those things that can be done to make sure our community remains well groomed, well maintained and safe.

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