Stay Fit – At Home Stretching Best Practices

Looking for ways to stay fit this month? Our Health and Wellness Director, Christine Moreno, has some tips on proper technique when it comes to stretching and gearing up or winding down before and after at-home workouts!

A few things to remember:

  • Always stretch when your muscles are warm. Stretching after exercise is recommended, however another good option is to do a quick 5-minute warm-up such as walking or simple calisthenics like jumping jacks and then follow up with stretching.
  • Breathe normally through stretches. Do not hold your breathe.
  • Stretch the muscles through full range of motion.
  • Movements should be slow, smooth, and gentle.
  • You can hold stretches between 15 – 20 seconds. Stretch both sides of the body.


Upper Body Stretches:


Truck and Back Stretches:


Lower Body Stretches:


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