Stay Motivated: How to Successfully Navigate Working from Home

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, working from home and social distancing have become the new normal for many. Millions of people are now experiencing working from home for the first time, and it can be challenging and have a learning curve. Here are some best practices to help ensure you are successful and productive:

  1. Get Dressed for the Day 

It might be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, but instead get dressed and ready for the day like you are going to work. Getting dressed will lift your mood and put you in the mindset to be more productive.

  1. Designate a Dedicated Work Area 

Even if your home doesn’t have an office, find a place that you can designate as your work space that is free from noise and distractions. In addition, defining separate spaces for work and home life will help you “turn on” at the beginning of your work day and will also help you “turn off” when you leave the area at the end of your day.

  1. Stick to a Schedule and Take Breaks

Anyone that already works from home will tell you that it’s easy for the lines between work and personal time to become blurred. It’s important to make sure you are giving yourself proper down time in your day so make sure to take breaks. Once you have put in your time for the day, step away from your work area and set your focus on something non-work-related. Following this routine will help to maintain your work-life balance.

  1. Use To-Do Lists

Make a list each morning of the things you would like to accomplish that day. Check items off as you complete them and carry over any tasks you were unable to complete to the next day. Making a to-do list helps vague ideas in our heads become more concrete and also helps us prioritize our most important tasks.

  1. Communicate

Working from home can, at times, feel isolating and lonely. Keep good communication with your manager and coworkers and check in with each other regularly. Set up online check-ins where you can discuss projects, goals, and expectations. Face to face communication is ideal using video calls, Zoom or Skype. Allow time for non-work-related socializing at the beginning or end of the call if appropriate – just like you would do in the office.

  1. Exercise

Remember to get up and move around throughout the day. Do stretches or yoga during your breaks. Get your heart rate up multiple times a day. If you have access to stairs in your house, going up and down them a few times is a great way to get your blood pumping. Jumping jacks, jogging in place or burpees are also great ways to maintain your physical health when you’re working from home.

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