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Every HOA has rules that are formulated to preserve the appearance of the community, protect the value of our common property and our individual homes, and make our neighborhood more harmonious for all of us. So it’s important to know the Community Wide Standards and do our best to abide by them.

In addition to keeping the community looking nice, Community Wide Standards also discourage criminal activity and blight in Rancho Sahuarita. As Resident HOA Board Member Bob Webster reminds us, the best way we can maintain property values and community safety is by having a sense of pride in our community.

Some of the basic Community Wide Standards are below. The full Community Wide Standards and design guidelines documents can be found on

  • Exterior paint. Paint is a quick and easy way to keep your property looking fresh, new and clean. It will also protect against corrosion, weathering and insects. Don’t forget your doors and fences!
  • Landscaping. Landscaping is extremely important to our community’s curb appeal. Please remove dead plants and branches. Keep trees and bushes pruned, and yards free of weeds. See the full Community Wide Standards for minimum tree and shrub planting requirements.
  • Driveways and sidewalks. Remove weeds from sidewalk joints and debris from driveways and sidewalks. Do not use driveways for storage or auto repairs.
  • Garbage and recycling bins must be removed from sidewalks and driveways on non-pickup days and stored out of sight from the street (i.e., in the garage or backyard).
  • Parking in garages and driveways is encouraged! Parking in the street is not; common area parking lots are provided for guests and visitors.
  • Pets are a beloved part of Rancho Sahuarita. Please pick up after your pet during walks through the community and in our beautiful parks.

For more information about the Community Wide Standards and design guidelines, visit the Community Wide Standards page.

Representatives of Lewis Management, our community managers, are also available to answer questions about specific guidelines or regulations.

Lewis Management

(520) 742-5674

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