Stay Active – Family Friendly Crafts

Are you looking for ways to create opportunities for family fun with your kiddos who are home from school? We’ve got you covered!
Check out a few fun crafts, gathered by our Lifestyle Department, here!
Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Parents can find lots of ideas for crafts using this everyday household item. Try helping your kids make their own sets of customized binoculars, using 2 empty rolls fastened together. Paint, glitter or stickers will help make these shine. Then punch a hole on the outer side of each roll, and string a strand of yarn through to connect them. Then children can wear them around and go on scavenger hunts and other adventures in the home or the yard.

Here are some other cute ideas!

Ribbon Bookmarks

We found this fun idea online for Ribbon Bookmarks here.

You’ll need ribbon, hair bands and buttons, plus needle and thread or a sewing machine. Sew the end of a piece of ribbon around a hair band, and add a cute decorative button at the opposite end. The options to customize these are endless, and they’ll come in handy for the schoolwork at home or all that summer reading.

Paper Plate Ring Toss

This one is a two-for-one! A Craft +  a Game

You’ll need:

  1. Paper plates
  2. Crayons, markers, paint – whatever you have on hand to let your child customize their creation
  3. 1 wooden ruler
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A glue gun

To start, you’ll need to cut the centers out of each paper plate to make the rings. Depending on the type of paper plate you use, you may want to double-up a few so that they aren’t too light-weight for tossing. Then give the rings to your child to paint or color. Add glitter or stickers! You can even number the rings to stand for different amounts of “points”. Once the rings are complete, take the ruler (or whatever you wish to use as the pole) and put it into/secure it to the ground. Then let the fun begin! Give points for getting a ring on the ruler, and make a game out of tallying the points differently (a ring that’s worth 1 point, vs. another that’s worth 5, etc.)



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